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Sacramento, CA - Tower Bridge
Northern California is a fantastic place to live with so much to offer!  Enjoy superior daily lifestyle working in Sacramento and with
Stocker & Watts!
A few notes on Agent life at Stocker & Watts:
Don Stocker and Randall Watts
  • Clients are always first... but lifestyle, happiness, and fun factor are right behind!
  • We have a multifaceted leadership team from disparate backgrounds & generations.
  • Besides his industry street cred, Don has decades of business leadership experience.
  • Randall has the moxie to ensure team success, continually providing vision & drive.
  • Our Technology Analyst is enterprise-grade, progressive, and has MEGA street cred.
  • Being unique humans ourselves, we always embrace individualized human perspectives.
  • No bloated agency (admin) fees here, just enough to cover the costs.
  • Total transparency on Agent commission splits with clear documentation.
  • We use software agents actually want to use, like Microsoft 365, Asana, and Insightly.
  • Want to Blog? We have a platform AND will help get your started.
  • Our secure HR - Agent/Contractor portal is also from a leading Cloud provider.
  • Newbie or veteran, you'll always have access to mentoring, training, and support.
  • Social Media & New Media a PITA for you... despise LinkedIN... no worries, we got you!
  • We gladly repost agent content across our Social channels for secondary marketing.
  • Our connected Social CRM is awesome, and we'll help you get started with it.
  • We have a solid base of clients, and always looking for internal matches & referrals.
  • Need tech advice... no probs... you'll have access to our IT Business Analyst.
  • We'll help you plan YOUR targeted individual niche, preferences, and market strategy.
  • You'll have access to our network of service providers and industry professionals.
  • We always work hard to be a positive regional force and prove our community commitment.
  • We're in it for the long game, and not planning to go anywhere... this is our home!
  • We don't talk culture... we practice it through clarity, solid work, and mutual respect.
  • Still reading... oh, there's much more... we just don't want to seem too braggy.

Want to learn more?

E-Mail or DM Don to start a conversation.

Don Stocker - Broker Don Stocker - Real Estate Broker | CA Department of Real Estate # 01972972
Randall Watts - Agent Randall Watts - Real Estate Agent | CA Department of Real Estate # 01984574